This is Hui Wen a former dining editor with a Masters in Food Culture from NYU. Missing the range of craft foods available in New York, she decided to produce a made-in-Singapore recipe of her own, Eastern Granola. The line of small batch cereals is inspired by Southeast Asian flavors. While she’s far from a “granola” hippie, she was inspired by the bohemian free spirit to create adventurous out-there flavors. Part of the joy of eating is in having new experiences. There should be something new in every bite: crunch, nuttiness, spice and sweetness.


At Eastern Granola, we make cereal inspired by Southeast Asian flavours. So there’s lots of tropical fruit, plus additions like nutmeg, curry, chilli, lime and even fish sauce. Our granola is a vehicle for big flavours. And we don’t just eat it for breakfast. It can also be a bar snack, salad topper, “soil” in aplated dish…We like it any time of day. 

We just love smothering a bowl of Original Granola (mango, pineapple & nutmeg) with yogurt for breakfast, massacring a serve of Thai Mango Salad Granola at lunch, annihilating a good handful of chocolate-malt Milo Granola as an afternoon snack and drowning a heaping helping of our Eastern Muesli with milk for dinner.

And we want to convert you too. Eastern Granola is no rabbit food. Banish all thoughts of cardboard-like grains. We make our cereal with good old fashioned butter and sweeten it up with a serious dose of gula melaka (palm sugar), so it’s rich, toasty and deeply caramelized. And while it may not be the most ascetic of foods, it's still a delicious wholesome treat.

Our granola is great fuel through the most gruelling work day/study session, amazingly restorative after a workout, makes a sensible yet indulgent morning meal (like eating a crumbled oatmeal cookie over yogurt for brekkie!) and a decadent dessert (try our chocolate-y Milo granola as an after dinner sweet). We're truly passionate about it and know if you'll try it, you'll be nuts about it too.


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We'd love to hear from you. Hit us up with any granola-related questions. Tell us what we can do to make our granola even better. Or leave us ideas for new flavours. It's all good. We really appreciate the feedback.

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